Kid’s Hour at JustBeFarm

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Plan - What We Will Do

Join Prafi for Kid’s Hour as we feature a new character, each session, as part of our ‘This is Me, This is Who I Am’ series.  Meet us at JustBe Farm’s Pavilion where adults signin and stay with their child/children for this experience.  Our journey begins with Miss Baa, our sheep teacher, to introduce our plan.  Then, we dive into our featured character’s personal story as we reveal their family background, how they learn and what makes them unique while giving kids an opportunity to make their own connections.  Next, our character will inspire an activity for us to take some time to be in the moment.  Last, we will take a walking tour and highlight a specific area of the farm.

Promise - Benefits For Children Attending

Participating in Kids Hour promotes acceptance of ourselves and others in a beautiful, farm setting.  Children gain an understanding of how we come from various family backgrounds and have different ways of learning.  They have time to practice a mindful strategy, learn about the farm and connect with the natural space around them.

Purpose - Why We Are Doing This

‘Celebrating Family Diversity and Learning Styles’  

Come and learn a gentle way to build understanding of different family backgrounds and learning styles.  Prafi’s current characters come from the following family structures:   Adoption & foster care, blended families (Divorce & remarriage), kinship & guardianship, single parent, death of a parent and traditional families.  It doesn’t represent all family structures, but shows families are created differently and are all important.  Family Diversity honors various family characteristics and family types that function effectively.  This breaks away from the old belief that nontraditional families were dysfunctional. 


Discovering how we learn best can be confusing.  Do you need to talk out loud, write things down, see, hear or touch what you are learning?  Prafi’s characters were intentionally created to have a special style of learning and they also receive extra support in school. Through our stories, children begin to understand different learning styles along with the roles of a counselor, occupational therapist, speech therapist and more.  At the forefront of Celebrating Family Diversity and Learning Styles is building acceptance of ourselves and others.

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