A free resource with a strong acceptance, inclusion, and diversity theme to help build ACCEPTANCE FOR ALL. Use this product by itself or as a foundation for other Prafi stories and products. Get to know how we develop our anchor story eBooks and the wealth of resources we create as Extras. You receive a PDF Download with links to 5 separate Google App Downloads as described below.

eBook: A Google Slides telling the story ‘Welcome to Prafi Town.’  Discover why the founder of Prafi started her own town.  It all boils down to animalkind learning how to accept themselves and others.  Meet one of the teacher’s, Miss Baa, and learn about her student’s strengths and the extra support they receive.   Suggested age range for eBook is K-4 and up.

The Extra resources included are geared to second and third grade, but can be adjusted for first grade, fourth grade and up:

Story Introduction: Google Slides link that sets the tone of the story, gives insight into the theme and a Let’s Get Curious Slide.  (Highlights a small part of the story for children to engage in and activate their curiosity.)

Story Slide Show: Google Slides link of pre and post activities: Introduction to 6 core vocabulary words, a significant question, an intro. to the story, a cryptic message that goes along with the story’s theme, an interesting fact and comprehension questions.

Story Lesson Plan: Google Document link with a detailed overview of all included resources and suggested timeline.  Includes: message/theme, goal, background, objectives and suggested five day procedure.  Educators cut and paste or link directly to your lesson plans.  Professionals and those connected with a child, this gives you a detailed description of the materials included in this purchase, allowing you to plan discussions and activities you can do together.

Interactive Slides: Google Slides link formatted to standard sized paper 8½ x 11.  Includes:  Cause and Effect slides anchor chart and activity, vocabulary fill-in,  significant question and 1 vocabulary card sheet. Educators can assign these for independent practice digitally or print them to use as a paper/pencil activity. Professionals or those connected with a child, use these activities together or have children complete by themselves.

Support the characters receive includes occupational therapy, school counselor, English Language Learner, speech therapy, basic skills and a special plan for learning (504, IEP).

In other Prafi stories, you discover the character’s family backgrounds include:  adoption/foster care, divorce, blended family, stepparents, step-siblings, half-siblings, death of a parent, single parent, and parents that are often away and have a live-in nanny.