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Welcome to Prafi where we care about accepting ourselves and others for who we are, where we come from and how different we may be.

May you build acceptance with our stories for kids

We are Two Teachers and a Tech Guy with families created in different ways. Prafi’s purpose is providing resources that promote accepting ourselves and others to facilitate belonging and self-actualization. Our original stories are inspired by our experiences and are written to foster inclusion.

Baa-ling /ˈbäliNG/


a term of endearment, an affectionate way to address a person. “good morning, baa-ling”


dear, sweatheart, love

Build Acceptance with Prafi

The only moral stories for kids that cares about family backgrounds, learning styles and baa-lings.

Whether you’re an educator, professional or personally connected with a child,

TOGETHER we can build acceptance through understanding with Prafi.

We have what you need to connect with your baa-ling.

Come Prafi with us and build ACCEPTANCE FOR ALL

Original Content

Our heartfelt stories are filled with meanful messages and lessons learned in life. Meet our characters and see how their backgrounds are woven into the fabric of our stories.  This organically leads to building understanding.

 Family Diversity

The types of families of our characters include adoption & foster care, blended families (divorce & remarriage), kinship & guardianship, single parent, loss of a parent and traditional with a live-in nanny.

Social Emotional and Academic

Learn about the extra support our characters receive:  Sensory, ADD/ADHD, ELL (English Language Learner), basic skills, speech, counseling, occupational therapy & special plan for learning (504, IEP).

Benefits of Prafi

Help children and families feel accepted and validated
Kids can relate to our adorable, unique characters with distinct traits
Strong sense of character development plus reading comprehension skills and strategies across stories
Proactive, innovative approach that’s user friendly and includes support activities
Founded by educators with families created in different ways with diverse needs